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How does it work?

ultrasonic scanning sharks

Do it like a Dolphine!

We are using the same technology that a Dolphin would use to separate a school of delicious mackerel from a deadly shark and that is ultrasonic scanning. Goecho is analysing every object in your environment. It can tell a shark appart from every other signal because all sharks show a very specific and unique ultrasonic echo, caused by their anatomy.

Why do Sharks attack

Why do Sharks attack?

Humans normally do not belong on the shark‘s diet. The predator circles under the surfer and tries to find out whether it’s a prey for example a seal or something else. Accidents only happen because the shark mistakes a human for its normal prey.

shark threat - ecological solution

Does goecho harm the environment?

goecho does not aim to fight or chase away sharks. Our goal is to pursue your sport in harmony with nature.
By the way: The emitted frequencies are also not audible to the marine life and goecho is made of recycled ocean plastic

Is it ready yet?

The developement and research took us over 4 years. We have been testing the technology all over the world and in a controlled environment such as SeaLife aquariums. Now with the development completed and a fully working product we are nearly ready to hit the shelves but we need your help! We need to raise enough money to buy everything we need to get the production running.

You can buy your goecho on kickstarter (starting November 1st)

safe surfing sharks

How can it detect a shark?

goecho is analysing shape, material and motion of every object in range. We can easily distinguish a rock from and a moving fish, or big objects and small ones...
but how can we tell a shark from a big tuna? The secret to achieve this goal is anatomy:
Sharks lack swim bladders, and maintain their buoyancy instead with large livers that are full of oil. And it is very easy to distinguish a air filled bladder and oil filled meaty organ.

So if its:

  • big
  • made of flesh and fishbone
  • shows the unique shape of a shark
  • does not have a swimm bladder but a big oil filled liver
  • and is moving arround to check you out...

...goecho will go crazy on your ankle!

safe surfing sharks

How can i use goecho?

goecho can be easily attached to your ankle.
It can take a beating and of course it’s waterproof!

And how can goecho help?

A shark doesn't attack immediately. If a shark is nearby starting to show the first signs of interest - you will be warned by a strong vibration so you can leave the water in good time.


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